Get metter values to smartphone
with aTick

aTick - get meter readings to your mobile phone

The compact modern device aTick reads and transmits readings of pulsed water meters directly to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth LE.
You no longer need to bother with hidden hatches in the bathroom, look for dusty meters and record their readings for submission to the utility provider. It will be enough to get close to the location of the meters with your smartphone, and the aTick mobile application will read the current readings and will remember them.
Later, at any convenient time, even being at a distance from the counters, you can open the application and see the saved readings of the counters and the date of their relevance.
The aTick mobile app also allows you to "share" readings, and you can send the values to an email address or via SMS, Whatsapp, etc.

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aTick porvides following functionality:

Easy setup

Design and compact size of aTick device allow to plug it to an pulse metter quick and easy. You do not need special instruments, workers or materials.


aTick does not use the Internet or WiFi connection. The device operates independently and accumulates the values of pulse counters and uses Bluetooth LE only to transfer the accumulated information only to your phone when it is nearby.

Low energy

aTick does not request a power line and can work with pair AAA elements for up to two years.

Mobile Application

Mobile application aTick is free and has no adverts or hidden payments. App provides wide functionality for getting values and changes aTick device settings.

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